We Are FramedKeys

We Create Content.

Our Vision

Is to lead and enable the community,

to produce and export quality innovative edutainment content.

Our Mission

Is to create a sustainable logistic infrastructure that channels and enables talents with abilities;

to develop, produce and capitalize on their strength to create content with global appeal.

Our Beliefs

"Create, Share and Edutain"

~ FramedKeys


We create and produce content that stands out, speaks to souls and illustrates messages and ideas that help create a better tomorrow.


We believe that sharing and giving are generous deeds; which certainly drives our enthusiasm to share content that people love to engage with.


We believe all content should be educational to some extent; while always maintaining an ENTERTAINING feel that triggers people’s thoughts and feelings.

Our Language

is tailored

to uplift your stories

Our Story

Began with Animation.

and our branding says it all.

A keyframe in animation and filmmaking is a drawing
that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition.

This idea is what inspired our branding, as it is

the most fundamental building block of animation.

speaking edutainment content

SINCE 2008

Every project we handle is treated as a portfolio piece.

Our methods are simply loved by so many agencies, brands and clients we’ve catered for;